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You'll love these cards. Believe me! They are very unique. They are specially made just for you. C'est vrai!!!

Saya menyukai membuat kartu ucapan sejak saya di SMP. Saya terus membuatnya hingga kini. Kartu-kartu ini cukup unik. Satu model untuk satu kartu. Artinya, kamu pesan 100 kartu, kamu akan mendapat 100 model.

I started making my own greeting cards when I was still in Junior school. I keep on maintaining this craft until now. They are very unique as I always make one design is for one card. In other words, you buy 100 cards, you'll get 100 designs.

For more greeting cards, please visit :

The size : 10 x 14 cm

Decorated with Japanese Chiyogami papers, punches, stamps and other embellishments

  Greeting Cards

Size : 10 x 14 cm

Rp. 9,000,- each.

Flowers Cards

Size : 10 x 14 cm

Rp. 9,000,- each.

Size : 7 x 9.5 cm

Rp. 4.000,- each.

Look at these cards. They are decorated in a beautiful way. I am never out of design. It is a remarkable craft. Find a white paper inside each card and a white envelope.

The flower punches are varied. The sakura flowers, sunflowers, daisies, etc. You name it, I'll make it.

Klik di sini untuk kartu lainnya.

Flowers in The Water Can

Decorated with flower punches & colorful wire

Flowers in The Woven Basket

They are all affordable.. Get a special discount for 25 cards and up...

Updated June 7, 2009