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These are pictures of several Bazaars that I had ever attended. You can read the stories about the pictures. Hopefully they may inspire you all to make your dreams come true on selling your crafts.

Bazaar in Collage Competition, Cirebon, Sept 2007
Suara Gratia Radio conducted the event of COLLAGE COMPETITION for Kindergarten students in Cirebon. I placed my products on two tables. It's a new experience as I displayed the products by the pool!!! Not so many products sold, but many ladies wanted to join the courses. Come.. to my new galery in November, 2007. It's my first time selling products publicly, after the birth of my daughter. Look at me! Do I look like a mother of 3 girls? Wink

Bazar Amal Tarki 3

I joined the bazaar held in Balai Kartini, Jakarta, just because this is an educational bazaar. There were many sessions conducted by schools under Tarki 3 Yayasan. My craft friends also came to buy washi papers and plastic boxes. It is another experience, to join the bazaar like this.

BEWC 2006 - Le Grandeur, Balikpapan

This was the second time I flew to Balikpapan just to join BEWC bazaar. I can say, too, that this was another expensive bazaar. I stayed in Mbak Yayuk's house. I booked 2 tables. Well, obviously that even 2 tables seemed not enough to accomodate my crafts. I was all alone, as Juliana, my assistant was not in good condition and had to take a rest. The X'mas cards and name board were sold out. Oshie washi without frames were also out. It was a wonderful time, because I met my old buddies there.

BEWC 2006 - Le Grandeur, Balikpapan

The washi dolls were sold to students of Chevron Int'l School. They wished to bring them back to their country and give them as X'mas presents for their relatives. Washi boxes were sold out. The Oshie washi in the frame was sold to an American lady. She said she really enjoyed the color combinations.

Nova Fair 2006 - JCC, Jakarta

This was my first bazaar in Jakarta Convention Center. It's my dream to join any bazaars or exhibition in this big building. My dream came true. Though I had to share the booth with other vendor, it's fine. Some ladies wanted to have a course on Oshie. Well, the place was so small.

The course conducted during the Fair was Fridge Magnet. But after the Fair, some ladies came to my house to make Oshie and Washi Doll. There was also a lady who came to my booth two times in two days. On the second day, she finally decided to buy Oshie in frame that she bargained on the day before. Luckily the Oshie was still there, lady...

In this Fair, I met so many people. The one that's never out of my mind was a girl, named Honey. She came with her dad and bargained very hard to have 2 Oshies. They ran out of Rupiah, so she paid the rest with Ringgit Malaysia. What amazed me was the relationship between the girl and her dad. It's a wonderful relationship.

Another visitor was from Japan Home Center. Finally, we made a deal and you can see my products in Japan Home Center in their three outlets in Mall Artha Gading, Poins Square Lebak Bulus and Supermal Karawachi.

JICC 2005 - Kemang, Jakarta

This was the first bazaar that I joined in Jakarta. The visitors were expats. It was raining hard, so there were not so many visitors came up. It's a good experience, though, for the first time.

BEWC 2005 - Dusit, Balikpapan

This was the most expensive bazaar. Because I had to take a train from Cirebon to Jakarta, then to fly from Jakarta to Balikpapan by GIA. I stayed in Lucy's house. In this bazaar, I happened to sell some silver jewelleries. My friend in Bali asked me to sell them. Well, things like these, and original Japanese items were attractive for the visitors to buy more from my table. I was accompanied by Juliana and Tati. Tati was so courageous to offer my crafts to expat ladies that she recognized. As a result, my crafts were almost sold out. Thanks, Tati n Juli..

BEWC Dec 2004 - Dusit, Balikpapan

This is a Christmas Bazaar. So I sold my crafts in Christmas nuance. I sold some original Geisha Dolls. Since they were new in Balikpapan, so they were sold out.

BEWC May 2004 - Dusit, Balikpapan

The collection of my crafts were still limited. I booked only one table. This is my fourth participation in BEWC Bazaar. There was a Chinese lady who couldn't speak Bahasa Indonesia. She just pointed at two Geisha Dolls, without asking the price. Then, after I wrapped them and gave them to her, she aske me how much. So I just mentioned the figures and she just paid. It was the quickest transaction I had ever had. I also practiced speaking French, as there were many French ladies shopped in this bazaar. Good effort.

Do you see the photo frame in blue color? I finally gave it to Rio Febrian, when he was lively singing in Balikpapan. I won the entrance ticket, just because I was able to answer his question that he gave via on-air in Smart FM, Balikpapan. Hope he brought it back to Jakarta.Wink

Kermesse 2004 - Total Indonesie, Balikpapan

Balikpapan is an extraordinary city. There are many housing complexes. One of them is housing complex for Total Indonesie employees and family.

Since there are many French ladies, Mbak Ani (a lady in pink blouse in the picture) conducted a 'bricolage' day every Tuesday afternoon. I joined the session, where we did craft things. We made boxes covered with batik cloths, greeting cards decorated with batik kaltim cloths, etc. 

One bricolage I enjoyed most was decoupage, a French craft. Mbak Ani had many kinds of napkins. So she taught me how to do the decoupage. Though I already had the book, direct practice made me courageous to do it more and more.

Twice a year, there were 'keremesse' day. In May, usually there was a garage sale. The things sold were still in 90% condition. The price was very very reasonable, or I might say very cheap. In November, we sold our craft things as shown in the picture. The money would go to the needy. The organization of French ladies gave the money to orphanages in Balikpapan. It was a kind of charity bazaar. In this bazaar, French 'gateaux' were also sold. Before I left Balikpapan, I also learned several French cuisines from my friend, Vivienne.

I had a fantastic friendship with French ladies.  I also joined scrabble club, but we, of course, used French 'mots' (words). I never won.... The relationship was also one reason why I won a homestay scholarchip to go to Tours, French.

Baby's Day Out 2004 - Bahana Surya Hotel, Balikpapan

Mrs. Yayuk, a pharmacist in Permata Hati Clinic, Balikpapan, asked me to join the event. I didn't pay for my table. A bit 'KKN'. I also gave two door prizes for the participants of the event. Look at my table. It was so small. My collection of crafts was also still limited.

Permata Hati Seminar 2004 - Bahana Surya Hotel, Balikpapan
The picture was taken when I joined a Seminar. Well, worth to join. I sold some silver jewelleries that I bought in Bali. I also sold Bali items, such as bags, shoes, and sandals. It's just to make myself not get bored in selling my things.
BEWC 2003 - Dusit, Balikpapan

In this bazaar, I sold original Geisha dolls for the first time. These dolls attracted the visitors. All dolls were sold out. I synergized with my next booth. Mbak Heni from Sari Antik sold potted plants. So, I asked her to put her plants near to my dolls. A bit jazzing up my table. You can also see that I sold shells in frame. They were adorable. I was all alone taking care everything from the beginning to the end or the bazaar. It was fun and joyful.

My Early Bazaars 2002 & 2003 - Balikpapan

These are pictures of my early bazaars.

The first picture was taken on my debut bazaar in BEWC, even my debut in my craft career. It was in Villa Beta, Balikpapan. Look at craft I sold. They were mostly Oshie. That's my first expertise in craft. My table was not in the main room. Mrs. Emma, one of the organizers, was a friend of Mbak Dewi, my neighbor. Mrs. Iriansyah, the first lady in Pertamina DOH Kal, also visited my table and bought several Oshies. It was a wonderful time, as I earned something from my own hands.

The second picture was taken when I joined the bazaar conducted by Deperindag Balikpapan. It was an outdoor bazaar for a week. Wow.., my crafts were almost flying everywhere when the wind blew. My friends visited me on my first base. I moved to the second base, to make my crafts not flying, but my base was between Batik cloth vendor and Sandal vendor.... It's okay, because I met new friends.

The third picture was taken when I participated in the BEWC for the second time. My table was now in the main hall, where everyone passed. Mbak Emmy, also joined my table to sell girly things. There was a Columbian lady who enjoyed my Oshie. She bought a lot, and told me that she would bring them back to Columbia. A Unocal lady also ordered several Oshie. Oshie seemed to be the new craft in Balikpapan. 2003 was the year that I made more than 200 Oshie, in small and big sizes.

Updated September 29, 2007