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Take a look at the pictures below. They were taken during the teaching and learning session. If you don't find your picture here, it means you have taken none of the courses. Hurry up! Contact me for the courses and your picture will be here soon...

My course is released in Tabloid Peluang Usaha, end of August 2007

Making Fridge Magnet (Magnet Kulkas)
Upon my arrival, I taught how to make a fridge magnet to ladies in "Arisan Segitiga" in Dumai, Riau. They are ladies from PT Pertamina, PT Caltex and Ibu Walikota n her friends. I was surprised by their response to my craft. Ibu Walikota even gave me a souvenir : a tissue box and a ring box, made of Dumai 'songket' and some spicy 'kripik singkong'. I gave a door prize, a Japanese Walet, to a lady who won the guessing game. A wife of Police Chief asked me to prepare 40 more packages as she would teach the craft to her friends in the headquarter.
Making Oshie
The ladies were enthusiast in trying to make the Oshie. They never thought that it would take hours to make one Oshie. We started making it on 5 in the evening. Guess..., what time did we finish? Midnight!!! And it continued the day after... what a course....
Making Kimono Girl
On my second day in Dumai, I taught Kimono Girl to ladies in PWP Pertamina. They were around 90 ladies. They were courageous enough to learn 2 crafts simultaneously that day. Kimono Girl and Double Bookmarker. I enjoyed teaching them, as I went around among them to explain and make some correction on their work.
Making Fridge Magnet

A week before I left Balikpapan, I joined the Education Expo. My booth was always crowded. Here were my ABA students who participated in the Expo. I taught them how to make the magnet. They were enthusiast. They said that they would make magnets as their wedding souvenirs....Wink

Making Japanese Bookmarker
This was an outdoor activity. They were ladies in Production Department.
Making Japanese Bookmarker
They wanted more and more. At the end of the session, I was given a crystal souvenir. Amazing...
Making Fridge Magnet
Even on the farewell day with my good friends, I had to teach them the magnet. It was fun, though. They asked me to teach this craft, as a souvenir from me. Though after the event, they took away most of my potted plants. The picture was taken at the back terrace of the house. It was a wonderful house to stay.
Making Decoupage / Servietten
The picture was taken just 3 days before I left Balikpapan for good. Lucy insisted me to teach her this craft. She brought her own biscuit tin and painted it white. She glued a napkin with a ship drawing on it. She looked so seriously making this craft come true. Good effort, Lucy..
Making Oshie
My last days in Balikpapan seemed to be so hectic with crafts. Where were you all before? Look at the surrounding. So messed up. But, they still enjoyed the craft. I also enjoyed sharing my skill to my friends... Bon courage, mes amies...
Making Fridge Magnet

Though I wasn't the organizer of this event any longer, I still belonged to this ladies organization, PWP Pertamina Balikpapan, until I left the town. The Education Section asked me to teach craft on 'Arisan Bulanan'. The teaching of craft seemed to be giving a different nuance for them. My assistant, Juliana, was at the back to help them.

Making Fridge Magnet

That was me, in a uniform, in front of my friends. To my surprise, at the end of the session, I was given a souvenir, a silk Batik Kaltim. And the 'thought of me' -for certain ladies- had gradually changed. Thanks a lot, for this opporunity...

Making Punched Bookmarkers
My colleagues in ABA made bookmarkers by using some punches. They were laughing in pushing the punches. They needed energy to push them. They made a lot of bookmarkers.

Updated August 29, 2007